What impacts game performance?

What impacts game performance?

Joey Lee is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Pixel Canvas, a full-suite digital events platform using cloud-rendering to deliver hyper-realistic, fully interactive events to desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.
We asked Joey what he thinks impacts game performance:

“GPU is something we try to optimize for every game [we] build. We always shoot to stack 2 games running on a 2XL [server], therefore, optimizing the GPU is key to hitting a smooth 45 frames-per-second. 

The best way to do this is to keep your poly counts reasonable and reduce draw calls as much as possible, so merge objects when it makes sense. 

[T]here are many other things you can do like [optimize] materials, post-process, and use particles sparingly where possible.

CPU can [also] impact frame rate if we're not careful. For instance, with assets spawned and not destroyed, or on tick calls happening too often, the CPU usage on the servers will add up and [the game will] chug when it reaches the limit.”

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