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Accelerating Real-Time Immersive Experiences: Watch PureWeb's Talk from AWE USA 2024

By PureWeb06.29.24

What to expect in the video:

  • Insights into how Pixel Streaming and NVIDIA CloudXR revolutionize immersive use cases.
  • Real-world case studies showcasing successful transitions from Pixel Streaming to CloudXR.
  • Strategies for integrating multimodal approaches to enhance user engagement and expand reach.
  • Key benefits of adopting advanced streaming technologies for enterprise applications.

Watch the full recording of PureWeb's talk at AWE and discover how your business can benefit from these cutting-edge technologies.

At AWE USA 2024, we presented a talk titled "From Pixel Streaming to XR Streaming: Accelerating the Adoption of Real-Time Immersive Experiences Through Multimodal Approaches." This session delved into how multimodal approaches, specifically leveraging Pixel Streaming and NVIDIA CloudXR, are key to revolutionizing how enterprise organizations can incorporate real-time immersive use cases into their operational as well as customer-facing workflows.

Pixel Streaming has emerged as a powerful tool for delivering high-quality, interactive content directly to web browsers without the need for high-end local hardware. This technology allows enterprises to provide seamless and engaging applications to users, irrespective of their device capabilities. PureWeb’s platform harnesses the power of Pixel Streaming to offer robust and scalable solutions, making it easier for businesses to reach a broader audience with minimal latency and maximum impact.

Our talk also highlights the strategic benefits of adopting NVIDIA CloudXR for VR streaming. CloudXR extends the capabilities of immersive experiences by allowing high-performance VR and AR applications to be streamed from the cloud, offering users unparalleled visual fidelity and interactivity. This advancement is particularly beneficial for enterprises looking to deliver complex simulations, training programs, and virtual product demonstrations without the typical constraints of maintaining physical hardware.

Through compelling case studies, the talk showcased how businesses have successfully started with Pixel Streaming and subsequently transitioned to CloudXR streaming. These examples highlighted the enhanced user engagement and expanded reach achieved by adopting a multimodal approach. By integrating Pixel Streaming and CloudXR, enterprises can provide richer, more immersive experiences that drive greater engagement and business outcomes.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to distribute your advanced Pixel Streaming and VR applications, get in touch.