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PureWeb Unveils Support for NVIDIA CloudXR on PureWeb Reality™ for On-Demand Streaming

By PureWeb03.21.24
PureWeb Unveils Support for NVIDIA CloudXR on PureWeb Reality™ for On-Demand Streaming

PureWeb, a pioneer in immersive technology solutions, today announced its PureWeb Reality on-demand streaming platform now supports the groundbreaking virtual reality streaming capabilities in NVIDIA CloudXR, helping lay the foundation for a future of seamless VR experiences.

With PureWeb Reality’s NVIDIA CloudXR support, users can immerse themselves in untethered, high-fidelity, real-time VR streaming experiences from anywhere, at any time.

“PureWeb Reality’s support for NVIDIA CloudXR marks a significant milestone in the ease of use and capability of VR technology,” says Chris Jarabek, Head of Product Development at PureWeb. “This will help advance the accessibility of VR, particularly for industries grappling with the adoption and management of VR headsets. By delivering desktop-tethered levels of visual quality on untethered headsets, we’re breaking barriers and opening up untapped potential for developers, content creators, and users across diverse sectors.”

PureWeb Reality with NVIDIA CloudXR support offers a comprehensive developer workflow, empowering creators to build, upload, deploy, and configure clients and OpenXR content seamlessly. Moreover, users can explore the full spectrum of PureWeb Reality platform features, including console insights and infrastructure options, to tailor their VR experiences to their requirements.

“Advanced accelerated computing is essential for high-fidelity immersive experiences,” says David Weinstein, Senior Director of XR at NVIDIA. “PureWeb has added NVIDIA CloudXR support to connect mobile head-mounted displays to cloud-based accelerated computing, offering mobile users quick and easy access to photoreal VR experiences.”

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