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Pixel Canvas: High Quality Metaverse Environments for Enterprise

Pixel Canvas - a PureWeb Premier Partner - is an enterprise metaverse company offering an unparalleled portfolio of high fidelity, immersive 3D worlds built using Unreal Engine. For brands and businesses looking for an easy access point into the metaverse, this is for you.

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The Pixel Canvas Library

Their high-quality library of production-ready, multi-player environments and gamified experiences can be turned on and ready for visitors in just a few hours.

Production-Ready Environments

Including a convention center, a Meta Mall, an Oasis, an Auditorium, an NFT gallery, and more.

Gamified Experiences

Including 32 mini-games as well five different escape room challenges.


Automated tools

For custom websites and 3D environments.

Gamified Experiences

For production-ready environments within a few hours.

Full Feature Set

Including video/text chat, live streams, VOD, agendas, and more.

Admin Panel

Manage your own content such as videos, PDFs, hyperlinks, attendees, and more.

Easy access on any device, anywhere in the world

Distributed by PureWeb, Pixel Canvas’ real-time, web-based, multiplayer metaverse is easily accessible to users around the world, without the need for downloads or specialized hardware. Get in touch to learn more.