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How Mytaverse and Asian Sky Group Are Propelling Hybrid Reality Experiences

By Candy Soo09.08.21
How Mytaverse and Asian Sky Group Are Propelling Hybrid Reality Experiences

We’re really proud to support our new partners Mytaverse on their upcoming Asian Sky Group Virtual Event & Conference (ASGVEC) running from September 14-16, 2021.

Mytaverse’s platform provides a simple answer in a world that now demands a natural and seamless hybrid reality experience. Unforeseen circumstances in modern life have left many of us working from home but needing to be somewhere else to most effectively accomplish our work. In other cases, there exists a pent-up need to show customers your products. Travel restrictions, however, are making it very difficult and sometimes even impossible to meet with customers.

The newly launched 2.0 version of their technology platform is designed to help solve that problem and make remote-working even more productive and collaborative. Mytaverse employs the photorealism of Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 and PureWeb’s cloud streaming technology to bring people into the metaverse without the need for goggles or other specialized equipment. These pervasive environments allow for multi-user face-to-face interactions anytime, anywhere, and in real time.

The integration of webcams, spatial audio, and detail-rich environments means interaction between users is fluid and natural. The Mytaverse world includes options for premade or custom-designed lobbies, boardrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, concert venues, trade show floors, booths and retail settings. Their platform offers the ability to showcase and sell products and goods such as planes, medical imaging devices, industrial machines, and so much more.

“Mytaverse and ASG have jointly created a digital showroom with photo-realistic 3D virtual aircraft models accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The detail-rich and three-dimensional immersive event is a fine example of how the hybrid work space will evolve in a post-COVID world," said Jaime Lopez, CTO and co-founder, Mytaverse.

Members of the aviation industry are eager to plug into the metaverse as well. ASGVEC has over 50 exhibitors who’ve signed on to participate including NetJets, the world’s largest private jets company, and Sino Jet, a business aviation services provider, as well as nearly 100 speakers over the course of three days.

Attendees will have a chance to move easily around the venue in the form of Mytaverse avatars while also interacting with others participating virtually from all over the world. Participants navigating the event will be able to visit a vendor’s booth, grab materials such as brochures, and collect them into a virtual briefcase so that they can have the documents for later reference. Just as in real life, attendees will be able to have as many follow up conversations or interactions in the Mytaverse environment as they’d like--in fact, an entire sales cycle can be managed within the experience. Their spatial audio system also allows for private conversations to take place as needed.

PureWeb delivers a better reality

Rich experiences such as those that Mytaverse delivers can seem complicated to distribute. In order to ensure that their ASGVEC experience will be seamlessly and easily accessible to users from around the world, no matter their device, Mytaverse reached out to PureWeb.

PureWeb’s Reality platform simplifies the process of distributing interactive 3D experiences and digital twins via the web, while ensuring no loss of quality. Our platform uses a proprietary streaming protocol that preserves the integrity of all 3D assets and maintains ease of functionality by enabling interactivity, integrations, and collaboration. Plus, users do not have to download any heavy applications to access a PureWeb published experience. They can simply click on a link and enter the experience from a browser on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Keeping brands connected to their audiences around the world

The past two years have created an urgent need for brands to find new ways to connect with customers and prospects around the world.

PureWeb’s Reality solution makes it easy for organizations and brands to create memorable and compelling experiences and welcome users from anyplace and on any device.

Want to learn more about PureWeb’s Reality solution? Get in touch with a specialist on our team now.