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Are We Entering the ‘Roaring 20s’ of Virtual Events?

By Candy Soo05.21.21
How real-time 3D technology and cloud streaming enables virtual events that increase engagement

Virtual events shot to prominence in 2020. In 2021, their trajectory looks a little bit different.

Last year, their purpose was to quickly replace in-person events. Moving forward, their purpose is to be the event – the main attraction. 

Brands see this shift, and they’re upping their virtual events game in response. They’ve been empowered by technology that takes them beyond the limits of what was possible just a few years ago. They’ve invested time and money into hosting virtual events that create lasting impact, activate new customers, engage deeply with audiences, and destroy old notions of static “virtual events”.

From capturing lost touchpoints to creating immersive real-time 3D virtual events

Virtual events are no longer a matter of recapturing lost customer touchpoints. Now, they’re about offering fully immersive experiences where customers can look around, explore, take off in a random direction, and meet new people digitally. Marketers who embrace the new wave of online immersion will secure customer loyalty and attention while those who don’t will be left scrambling to catch up – if they can.

Brand audiences, fans, and consumers are ready for the ‘Roaring 20s’ of virtual events. Their expectations have rapidly evolved after the many lackluster Zoom calls of 2020. In 2021, they have an appetite for virtual events, but they bring a more refined palette. What was acceptable in previous years – choppy video streams, monologues from one speaker, the inability to virtually network – will not be acceptable moving forward.

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A few brands are ahead of the curve – yours can catch up

When the Geneva International Motor Show was cancelled, Volkswagen pulled together an interactive 3D trade show in a matter of weeks. They knew a video or photo gallery wouldn’t cut it to launch their new models. When Burning Man asked members of its community to build universes for its 2020 Multiverse theme, the creators of The Infinite Playa knew that interactivity, spontaneity, and self-expression were must-have features of their experience.

If you want to organize these kinds of interactive and experiential events in 2021 and beyond, the technology exists. What’s more, it’s been done before, meaning there’s a pipeline of interactive event technology available to you and existing planning strategies to leverage.

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