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3 Truths About the Modern Web that Coronavirus Made Clear

By PureWeb11.07.20
3 Truths About the Modern Web that Coronavirus Made Clear

Imagine, if you dare, how the coronavirus pandemic would be playing out without access to the internet. No streaming shows, no video calls with loved ones, no online classes, no remote work capabilities. It’s incomprehensible.

Eight months into COVID-19, the big winner is the internet. It’s as necessary as the air we breathe.

It took a global crisis to nudge us fully into the era of the modern web, but now there’s no turning back. Dynamic online tools are helping us reimagine our way of life — from virtual work conferences and remote college lectures to streaming concerts and digital home tours — and pushing society forward in previously unimagined ways.

The (3D) future has arrived

The year 2020 will long be remembered as one marked by upheaval and disruption on several fronts. When it comes to the technology we all use, interactive 3D streaming has ushered in a whole new way of doing business and will now become commonplace.

As lockdowns forced companies in every industry to immediately rethink their business models and their survival without physical storefronts, the internet provided all the answers. Restaurants pivoted to online orders and delivery; real estate agents took advantage of digital home tours and open houses; car dealerships emphasized virtual test drives; and retailers allowed shoppers to customize their potential purchases with interactive 3D streaming. Meanwhile, culture also took quantum leaps forward with streaming plays and opera performances, virtual walks through museums and botanical gardens, and many other immersive experiences that filled the empty hours of people stuck in quarantine.

It’s a frightening, fascinating time to be alive.

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Building the modern web

PureWeb constructs and delivers today’s “modern web” by offering dynamic, interactive experiences to everybody. Collaborating with graphics-heavy applications and big data simulations is made easy with our intelligent streaming technology, which enables users to utilize photorealistic 3D visualizations in real time, with real impact.

We host a visual streaming platform for businesses to stream 3D, graphics-intensive content, which enables companies to share interactive livestreams of three-dimensional models. These applications can assist with sales, support, training, and more. Best of all, immersive elements such as these entice visitors to remain on your website longer and explore your brand more thoroughly.

Here are a few new truths that coronavirus exposed to the world when it comes to the modern web:

1. Events aren't confined to time and place anymore

It’s hard to predict when (or if) large-scale conventions, festivals, and networking events might resume. For now, cities and corporations are erring on the side of caution and eschewing most mass gatherings to help combat the spread of coronavirus. Facebook is trying to lead the way in this area by canceling all in-person events of more than 50 people until June 2021 at the earliest. It’s still anybody’s guess when quarantine measures might be lifted sufficiently enough to hold a conference. The outlook for 2020 seems bleak. The revenue lost from not having a paid audience are substantial.

This is where immersive 3D streaming experiences can make a huge difference. Some of the elements of in-person gathering seem lost, but there are exciting advances in technology to combat these shortcomings. Virtual events can do wonders in showcasing a brand’s product offerings and engaging an interested group of potential customers.

PureWeb partnered with Volkswagen in the wake of the canceled Geneva International Motor Show in March, creating a virtual showroom where the German automaker could unveil its upcoming roster of vehicles. Because these immersive experiences are not limited to a set date or time, anyone with a compatible device could access Volkswagen’s section of the convention floor and play around with the products in grand detail.

2. Culture is at our fingertips

Hosting virtual reality-type renderings is another futuristic idea brought to life by PureWeb’s 3D-streaming platform. Immersive experiences — such as a virtual traipse through a peaceful garden — have been credited with relieving stress and improving moods during this endless season of quarantine.

Google has spearheaded the push to curate more digital renderings of famous art collections via its Arts & Culture team, which enlisted hundreds of galleries and museums across the globe to take part. Culture enthusiasts can visit collections from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., the Guggenheim in New York City, or the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, as well as lesser-known artifacts from spots all over the world. All from the comfort of the sofa.

3. Business and commerce can thrive online

The concerns about how social distancing would affect work productivity were warranted but ultimately invalid. People have prospered in remote work, thanks to a healthy dose of community and the advanced internet capabilities required to make it happen. Such a sudden, successful shift to working from home would not have been possible even five years ago. The internet facilitated the transition rather smoothly.

And work-related tasks are not limited to production. Companies have been forced to rethink how they onboard and train team members during this crisis, and digital platforms have allowed businesses to get new employees up and running with relative ease. Virtual-reality content, which was once limited to expensive goggles, can now be streamed through the cloud to any device with an internet connection that employees can access from home, providing the next best thing to in-person collaboration.

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It’s a whole new world out there, fraught with worry but filled with wonder. Thankfully, the modern web is here to keep pushing society forward. To learn more about how PureWeb can help your business evolve with the times, contact us and request a demo today.