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3D Product Configurators

Offer personalization and mass customization at scale for B2C and B2B customers. Allow customers around the world to tailor and purchase one-of-a-kind versions of your products.

Close online sales faster

Give customers more control over the products they buy with real-time 3D configurators that allow them to configure and customize their favourite products.

Differentiate your brand from competitors

Increase customer loyalty and differentiate your brand with a one-of-a-kind photoreal 3D configurator that showcases your latest products and options down to the smallest details.

Increase conversions & decrease costs

Compete with leading brands by inviting consumers into an immersive, customizable shopping experience that increases conversion rates while decreasing customer acquisition costs.

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We stream 3D product configurators built by leading agencies and manufacturers
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Manage your inventory effectively and keep your sales high with interactive 3D features designed to enhance your online product catalogues.

Purpose-built for cost-efficiency

Encourage your customers to freely interact and share their customized 3D products. Our system operates on a cost-per-user engagement model, meaning you only pay for what you use.

Our platform is designed to handle concurrent users, assign them to multiple GPUs, and manage traffic spikes effectively.

3D Product Configurators

Real-time collaboration tools

Stream your interactive 3D models directly into our collaborative meeting space for real-time collaboration and design reviews of new products and configurable options.

Real-time collaboration tools

Detailed 3D product catalogues with ray tracing tech

Stream highly detailed 3D renderings of your inventory with real-time ray tracing support to accurate reflect the lighting, shading, and texture of your products

Detailed 3D product catalogues with ray tracing tech

Global stability and reliability

Access a high performance, high fidelity, stable distribution platform supported by cloud technology tested and refined over two decades.

Global stability and reliability


Our customers span many industries and use PureWeb to streamline workflows, captivate customers, and enrich their employees.
With new uses of our Unreal Engine in areas like automotive car configurators and remote training and simulation, access on web and mobile devices has become crucial. PureWeb has been a key partner in enabling the cloud to serve our enterprise customers.
Unreal Engine

Marc Petit
General Manager, Unreal Engine Enterprise at Epic Games

“We pride ourselves on putting creativity and quality first, fuelling our dedication to fine craftsmanship and high-quality photorealism without compromise. PureWeb’s best-in-class publishing platform takes the guesswork out of what’s possible, giving us the ability to do what we do best: Think-Outside-the-Box to deliver limitless creative solutions for our clients."

Glen Taylor
CEO/Founder, Taylor James

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