Luxury appliance brand hosts real-time 3D showroom using PureWeb and suite of technology partners

Signature Kitchen Suite x Taylor James x Innocean x Pixel Canvas x PureWeb Virtual Showroom
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Taylor James x PureWeb
Signature Kitchen Suite x PureWeb
People hosted over 4 days
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Months to create the experience from start to finish

The challenge

In September 2020, Signature Kitchen Suite embarked on a mission to create an interactive 3D experience centre. The company’s expertise in designing and producing the industry’s best built-in kitchen appliances needed a virtual complement so their customers could envision how their dream kitchen would be augmented with a variety of high-end, high-performing solutions.

An important trade event, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, was fast approaching — necessitating an aggressive timeline for the completion of an immersive application that could generate interest and attract new clients. They were looking for the easy-to-access experience that PureWeb’s cloud streaming platform could seamlessly deploy and distribute on any device.

The solution

Signature Kitchen Suite and global marketing firm, INNOCEAN, were already working with Taylor James, a studio with expertise in photorealistic 3D design. The appliance manufacturer would supply the studio with a floor plan and 2D sketches, which Taylor James’ artists would then use to render lifelike versions of the product line.

The Taylor James team focused on producing three kitchen environments to incorporate Signature Kitchen Suite’s products within different design aesthetics. Each option offered a lifelike 3D and 360-degree view of appliances in an expertly curated kitchen environment, which gave potential and existing customers the opportunity to interact with their flagship products and innovative new offerings. And by using ray tracing, the granular details of each appliance was preserved — meaning visitors would be able to configure and customize without losing any of the photorealism each time there was a change.

“With partners like PureWeb, we can keep the high fidelity of the visualizations that we do while still marrying the interactivity. It's the marrying of the art and the science and the technology for someone to get fully immersed in the experience. This is the way of the future.” — Ross DelConte, Head of Automotive and Future Technology at Taylor James

With the experience complete, the focus turned to the next challenge: how to guarantee distribution to the largest audience possible, without compromising quality. As the leading enterprise streaming solution for interactive, web-based 3D content, PureWeb was the clear choice for the platform — after digital event studio Pixel Canvas integrated Taylor James’ models by optimizing the content, hooking up interactive elements, triggering animations, and gathering analytics.

The impact

The entire Kitchen & Bath Industry show — both virtual and in-person — was cancelled at the last minute. As Signature Kitchen Suite’s experience was streamed through PureWeb, people could still walk through the three kitchen environments without needing anything more than an internet-connected device.

With no event, Signature Kitchen Suite’s competitors lost out on a valuable resource to grow their customer base. But because of PureWeb’s platform, 3,500 people over four days were nevertheless able to attend Signature Kitchen Suite’s immersive experience — including 1,500 qualified sales leads. Most importantly, they were able to gather rich data on which kitchen environments users preferred, which appliances were interacted with the most, and where visitors spent the majority of the experience.

“Business is now a mix of virtual and in-person, so the interactive kitchens will remain a key marketing tool for Signature Kitchen Suite.” — Helen Cho, Account Director, INNOCEAN

Signature Kitchen Suite recognized the value of the experience and decided to continue hosting the interactive kitchen environments on their website. It was the obvious move to make — future marketing strategies and initiatives could be planned based on the data collected, and product development could be shaped by the preferences of the virtual visitors. The experience could also be an instructive online product demo tool for their sales teams.

Using PureWeb to stream the event brought a newfound vibrancy to the display of Signature Kitchen Suite’s innovative, high-end products. It’s this impeccable quality in kitchen appliances their customers have grown to expect, and the impeccable quality in interactive 3D experiences PureWeb provides.

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