Diesel VERT: Blending Real and Virtual Realities in a Metaverse Watch Launch

Diesel VERT: Blending Real and Virtual Realities in a Metaverse Watch Launch
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The Challenge

Diesel faced the challenge of launching its innovative VERT watch collection, designed by creative director Glenn Martens for the digitally native generation, in a way that resonated with its target audience. The task was to create a campaign that seamlessly merged digital and physical experiences while leveraging the immersive potential of Web3 technologies.

The Solution

To tackle this challenge, Diesel engaged Artificial Rome to devise a multifaceted approach that combined a virtual reality (VR) experience with a global narrative-driven metaverse quest. The campaign commenced with a Web3 release event where watch buyers received exclusive NFTs that evolved into avatars, hinting at the main characters of the forthcoming experience. This was followed by a virtual concert by artist Lil Dre, setting the stage for the immersive journey ahead.

The global narrative-driven metaverse quest, set in the land of Tempus, invited participants from around the world to collaborate in a series of quests inspired by the VERT watch collection. The metaverse environment, shaped by the VERT's design details, featured stunning visuals and challenging obstacles, culminating in the unveiling of the VERT watch. Online users engaged in real-time interaction with players at interactive retail installations in selected Diesel stores globally, fostering a seamless blend of virtual and physical experiences.

The Impact

By leveraging cinematic visuals and Unreal Engine 5, Artificial Rome created a visually stunning and immersive experience that captivated participants. The use of Pixel Streaming technology ensured high graphical quality for all participants, regardless of their hardware setup, while distribution using the PureWeb Reality platform ensured that thousands of players were able to connect around the world, using any device,  which fostered a sense of community and engagement.

Furthermore, the integration of retail installations with the metaverse via internet connectivity and gesture recognition technology facilitated seamless interaction between online and offline participants. This fusion of real and virtual realities not only elevated the narrative surrounding the VERT watch but also showcased Diesel's commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing strategies. The campaign succeeded in generating buzz and excitement around the VERT collection, establishing Diesel as a pioneer in the intersection of fashion, technology, and storytelling.

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