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The PureWeb Reality platform now makes limitless Metaverse experiences possible

By PureWeb12.07.21
The PureWeb Reality platform now makes limitless Metaverse experiences possible


With the latest PureWeb Reality platform, brands and businesses can now share ongoing commercial metaverse applications, built on Unreal Engine, without the need to predict traffic and reserve cloud computing resources in advance.

Keep all your immersive 3D metaverse experiences online and ready for visitors...always.

You read that right. No scheduling. No paying for dedicated server time that you don’t use. If you've been waiting to make your metaverse move, your time has come.

Make your Metaverse move today

Share your real-time 3D applications for as long as you want using our platform. Because you don’t have to commit to a minimum amount of cloud infrastructure in order to distribute your model, you can now cost-effectively keep immersive 3D experiences turned on and ready for visitors at all times by only paying for streaming time used, not infrastructure time. Our platform will efficiently scale up or down to accommodate the actual number of users to your experience, not on a number you’ve had to guess beforehand.

Deliver perpetual real-time 3D brand experiences without worrying about the infrastructure supporting it

Want to keep a 3D configurator on your website indefinitely as a lead magnet? Or, let users browse an immersive 3D demo of your showroom 24/7, 365 days a year? PureWeb Reality makes On Demand Capacity possible, so there are no limits on when or how often people can visit your experience. By eliminating the need to predict, reserve, and pay for a set number of instances ahead of time, it makes it possible for brands and businesses to easily (and cost-effectively) launch as many metaverse experiences as they want to generate leads and learn what works best.

However, if you know that you want to host a large-scale event in the metaverse within a set time frame and with an expected number of visitors, our platform will continue to enable you to book Reserved Capacity in the regions of your choice, in order to ensure zero wait time for your users.

Do more with less information about your audience

Our unparalleled distribution platform makes it easier than ever for brands and businesses to discover and connect with new audiences in real time. Trial and error becomes more feasible because there’s no need to know when or from where users will try to access 3D models. They now have a low-risk, efficient solution to iterate on metaverse experiences while continuously accruing data on who their audience actually is, where they are, and what they want.

Paving the way into the Metaverse

A core premise of the metaverse is that it is always open and always available for visitors. With our platform, everyone now has the freedom to share their metaverse vision, exactly as designed, whenever they want, and for as many people as possible.

Interested in kicking off your metaverse experience? Contact our team to get started or watch this video to learn more.