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6 Reasons Why Pureweb Is the Most Powerful Streaming Platform for Real-Time 3D

By PureWeb09.18.19
6 reasons why PureWeb is the most powerful streaming platform for real-time 3D

An interactive 3D streaming experience takes more than firing up a few servers and creating 3D models.

You need a cross-disciplinary team of experts and the right technology to manage sessions that are reliable, high quality, and cost-effective.

Here are 6 reasons why PureWeb is the most powerful streaming platform for real-time and interactive 3D streaming.

It’s a fully managed, scalable solution for real-time 3D that handles traffic spikes without breaking the bank

If you want to deliver an interactive 3D streaming experience, you need to choreograph several moving parts.

You’ll need experts who can configure your preferred cloud solution, coordinate streaming session connections, oversee the dynamic scaling of servers to successfully meet user demand, and more.

Plus, you’ll need someone who understands the cost dynamics, so you can scale up and down without breaking the bank on cloud services.

PureWeb offers a fully managed, scalable solution. We manage the relationship with Amazon Web Services as well as all the configurations and implementations. PureWeb’s platform is also scalable and designed to withstand pressure.

If you’re creating a photorealistic and interactive 3D streaming experience, your goal is to have as many interactions as possible.

You don’t want your project’s success to also be its curse as Chevy learned the hard way when it launched its 3D auto configurator for the new 2020 Corvette Stingray. The PureWeb publishing tool efficiently manages traffic increases, meaning it takes a lot to slow the entire system down.

It easily integrates into various workflows including training programs and e-commerce funnels

Thanks to the internet, people no longer have to physically visit a mall to shop, sit in a classroom to take a course, or book a meeting room to collaborate on a project. As companies build out their ecommerce funnels and companies design modern training modules for onboarding employees, they’ll need interactive 3D experiences to enrich their workflows.

That said, integrating these workflows using existing solutions can be an incredibly onerous experience. PureWeb’s system is customizable and offers integrations that allow companies to:

  • Display an interactive product configurator on their website’s e-commerce page to move visitors through a marketing funnel
  • Showcase their luxury products by linking to an interactive, photorealistic 3D experience from a lead nurturing email or online ad
  • Collaborate on a CAD project by streaming 2D or 3D models in real-time directly into a PureWeb collaborative space
  • Incorporate interactive 3D simulations in their learning management system (LMS) to create richer training modules for new employees

With PureWeb, companies can incorporate rich digital experiences wherever they engage with customers or employees.

It delivers reliable, high quality experiences anywhere in the world and to any device

Reaching today’s consumers means delivering compelling content in an over-supplied attention economy.

But creating a graphics-rich, high quality experience is only half the job. The other half is delivering that experience where consumers live: on their mobile devices. A dedicated terminal in an office or a dealership won’t cut it.

Needless to say, most consumer tablets and smartphones don’t have the hardware to process a high fidelity interactive 3D experience. Nevertheless, consumers won’t even register - let alone engage with - mediocre content.

Our proprietary, microservice-based cloud platform links cloud infrastructure to streaming applications in an innovative way that allows us to offer global stability, and we’ve been offering this microservice-based cloud platform for nearly 5 years. And with over 15 years of being experts in streaming and imaging technology, this translates to secure, high performance, high fidelity interactive 3D streaming to any device, anywhere in the world.

It supports the end-to-end design process by enabling collaborative visualizations and interactive livestreams

Publishing may be the most important phase of your design project’s lifespan, but it’s not the final phase. Once you’ve deployed and distributed an interactive experience - whether it’s a car configurator or a walkthrough of a proposed condo development - there’s an opportunity to add value by engaging with the customers or employees who view them.

For instance, with PureWeb’s real-time collaboration tool, a home builder sales rep or realtor can guide potential buyers through a photorealistic 3D rendering of their future condo.

You no longer have to rely on models and 2D renderings that sell the house but not the home. This alone offers incredible value, but there’s potential to take it further.

What if you could make changes to the interactive 3D model in real time? Customers could request specific upgrades and even get a real-time glimpse of what those add-ons would look like, helping you close the sale.

The same benefits hold true for the employee experience as it relates to training and online learning. Imagine training hundreds or thousands of new drivers in the transportation industry through a 3D driving simulation training game streamed to their home laptop or tablet, where these drivers could also video conference with trainers in real-time to ask questions, get feedback and more.

Plus, this collaborative space is zero footprint. No downloads or installations. Just a link. Your customers, or employees, get a frictionless experience that allows them to navigate their future home from the comfort of their current place and send you questions through traditional conferencing room functions like audio, video, and chat.

The bottom line is that once you’ve collaborated on and published a wonderful 3D streaming project, you can link this technology to the more human process of engaging with end users.

It can be deployed either on premise or in the cloud

We’re flexible, which means your organization can benefit from either cloud or on-premise deployment.

If you’re located within North America, Europe, or the Asia-Pacific region, we offer cloud deployment of your interactive 3D content.

Need to offer training modules to employees located in remote environments like an oil rig?

Handling sensitive material that can’t be transferred to the cloud?

We also offer on-premise deployment options allowing for a wide variety of requirements and use cases to be supported

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It’s a cost-effective solution designed with efficiency in mind

We charge based on cloud consumption usage. Your organization only pays for what it needs while also benefiting from the expertise and peace of mind provided by a fully-managed cloud streaming solution.

Moreover, we’ve designed our solution to offer efficiency. And with PureWeb it is possible to support multiple concurrent users on the same high-performance GPU, reducing the number of running instances required to support your users.

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Expand the scope of what’s real with PureWeb

The emergence of interactive 3D streaming technology expands the scope of what companies can make real. Today, any company can offer immersive, photorealistic experiences to their employees and customers by using the right partners and interactive streaming technology.

Learn more about what a fully-managed interactive 3D streaming platform can do for your company. Book a demo with a member of the PureWeb team today.