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How Pureweb Built a Real-Time 3D Streaming and Collaboration Platform for Enterprise

By PureWeb06.05.19
How Pureweb built a real-time 3D streaming and collaboration platform for enterprise

Over 18 years ago, our founders had one goal: Liberate radiologists from dedicated workstations.

With time, we recognized the need for greater flexibility and enhanced our image viewer to make it accessible on any browser or mobile device.

But we encountered a challenge: The visualization technology on the market simply wouldn’t cut it.

An accurate diagnosis relies on high-fidelity images and high-fidelity images require massive amounts of data, something any engineer, auto manufacturer, or real-estate developer can appreciate.

Existing solutions couldn’t support this need in a cloud-based environment.

So, we chose to build our own.

We created our novel, patent-protected PureWeb Reality platform for interactive streaming and live collaboration and quickly saw how transformative it could be for any enterprise.

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Today, many industries use advanced visual information powered by big data and complex calculations. But the associated assets - CAD models, 3D game files, engineering analyses - remain trapped in dedicated workstations tied to individual creators.

An environment like this limits the potential for cross-functional and cross-industry collaboration. And locked info equals lost insights.

But with the right tools, the potential for exciting new products and online experiences is enormous.

We see a promising new world of real-time 3D web experiences, including online product configurators, virtual walk-throughs, and simulators for employee training and more.

The cloud streaming AKA deployment of these interactive and immersive web experiences made accessible to anyone via a web browser, is a streaming service we’re really excited to support in the era of digital transformation and heightened consumer / employee expectations.

The same also holds true for enabling seamless collaboration among designers and their extended teams (and stakeholders) by providing live interactive streams of in-progress, or completed 3D CAD models, photo-real renderings, and game engine files. It's these game projects created within leading engines like Unity 3D and Unreal Engine for enterprise, which can ingest CAD models, layer in beautifully detailed environments and robust interactive functionality for many diverse use-cases, including architecture, product design and manufacturing.

To mark our shift towards supporting enterprise-level solutions across industries, we’ve changed our name from Calgary Scientific to PureWeb.

We chose PureWeb because it captures the essence of our solution.

While our end users may be in different industries, they all have something in common: the need to work with graphic- and data-intensive files and programs purely on the web and at scale.

  • No software installations.
  • No dedicated hardware.
  • No transferring source files and apps.

Just simple yet powerful collaborative workspaces, and interactive streaming for even the most graphic and data-intensive files.

Our medical imaging pedigree makes us leaders in the enterprise-level 3D project management space

Our experience in medical image cloud-streaming gives us a unique advantage over our competitors.

For starters, we’ve done this before. We know how to successfully implement web-based 3D streaming, publishing and collaboration that don’t require source file transfers.

For the past 15 years, we’ve installed our award-winning mobile visualization platform in more than 2,500 healthcare facilities in over 40 countries Moreover, we’re trusted by more than 500,000 healthcare professionals who use our platform in more than 13 languages.

But how does this relate to your industry?

What does our experience mean for auto manufacturers interested in 3D car configurators, real estate developers who want to provide incredible virtual home tours, or even oil and gas companies who want enhanced training methods for employees without the clunkiness of VR hardware?

Well, it means three key things:

  • We know what we’re doing. Our product designers understand the strain of streaming massive data files, and they’ve built our solution to eliminate this burden for enterprises.
  • We cut our teeth in the healthcare industry, absorbing cybersecurity and secure data management lessons in one of the most highly regulated industries.
  • We can apply these fundamental elements - experience and security rigour - to enterprise-level needs within any industry to protect corporate data.

We credit over 10 years of experience with helping us identify the technical pain points of team-based, 3D collaboration projects and publishing. Our collaborative workspace and cloud-streaming solutions eliminates the need for several applications and workstations needed to share and view work, and eliminates much of the uncertainty and unknown variables associated with the cloud consumption cost of large data files.

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Enterprises get a one-stop shop so that multiple collaborators can share, stream, and interact with 3D files as well as a scalable platform that supports multiple, concurrent users with any next-gen web experience.

We also have our experience to thank for helping us strategically grow our technology suite, which includes over 90 patents. These patents pre-date many of the standard approaches used by recent entrants to the 3D configuration, simulation and collaboration market, providing an added level of protection and experience to our customers.

We blend convenient collaboration and distribution with enterprise data security

Companies across all industries can securely share their real-time 3D projects and photorealistic renderings with internal (or external) collaborators using our Spaces platform. Sharing data and graphic-rich files in real-time with multi-disciplinary experts is no longer the crash-prone endeavor of the past. We’re making 3D project collaborations as user-friendly as document collaborations.

Of course, it’s not enough to produce game-changing content - you’ve got to distribute it, too.

Our Reality service allows you to smoothly and effortlessly stream even the most photo-real, interactive 3D web experiences, across various platforms to engage your audience like never before. No tedious downloads for your audience. Just a cloud-based real-time visualization of your products, work-site, or training in 3D for consumers, partners and employees to marvel at via their web browser or mobile device.

Our story is all about transformation.

Transforming past lessons into future solutions. Transforming the way companies create and deliver on real-time 3D. And transforming how companies collaborate with the creators, designers and engineers building new worlds both within and without their organization.

We’re combining our competencies in healthcare technology and data security to deliver a premier 3D collaboration and distribution service so you can maximize your internal talent and amplify your external marketing, sales and audience engagement through a modern, user-centric web.

Learn more about PureWeb Reality and our real-time 3D cloud streaming platform.