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PureWeb Joins the AWS Public Sector Program, Strengthening Support for Government and Nonprofit Sectors

By PureWeb12.06.23
PureWeb Joins the AWS Public Sector Program, Strengthening Support for Government and Nonprofit Sectors

Calgary, AB, December 5th, 2023 -- PureWeb, the leading real-time 3D streaming platform, is pleased to announce its acceptance into the AWS Public Sector Program. This collaboration signifies PureWeb's commitment to serving the unique needs of government agencies, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations.

As part of the AWS Public Sector Program, PureWeb gains access to a comprehensive suite of cloud services specifically tailored for the public sector. This empowers PureWeb to deliver innovative solutions that drive digital transformation and enhance citizen services. By leveraging AWS's secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure, PureWeb enables public sector organizations to optimize their operations and drive meaningful change.

The AWS Public Sector Program fosters a close partnership between PureWeb and public sector entities, providing customized tools, expertise, and resources. Through this collaboration, PureWeb can harness advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and interactive streaming capabilities to revolutionize how government and nonprofit organizations engage with their constituents.

"We are excited to become a part of the AWS Public Sector Program," said James Henry, CEO of PureWeb. "This partnership allows us to extend our reach and make a lasting impact within government and nonprofit sectors. By combining AWS's robust infrastructure with PureWeb's real-time 3D streaming platform, we can help organizations foster innovation, improve service delivery, and transform the lives of citizens globally."

As an AWS Public Sector Partner, PureWeb upholds the highest standards of security, compliance, and data protection. By adhering to stringent industry regulations and best practices, PureWeb ensures that public sector organizations can operate with confidence and safeguard sensitive information effectively.

PureWeb's inclusion in the AWS Public Sector Program solidifies its position as a trusted technology partner for government agencies, educational institutions, and nonprofits. By harnessing the power of cloud-based interactive streaming, PureWeb aims to drive digital innovation, create seamless user experiences, and empower public sector organizations to accomplish their missions more efficiently

For more information about PureWeb's cloud-based interactive streaming solutions and its partnership with AWS, please visit here.