Transforming Home Sales With an Immersive 3D Experience: Blue Cube Studios for Mulberry Homes

Blue Cube Studios x Mulberry Homes x PureWeb Real-time 3D Experience
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Blue Cube Studios

The challenge

Mulberry Homes, a prominent UK home builder, sought an innovative solution to effectively present a vast development with diverse house types and variants to prospective buyers and sales advisors. They aimed to provide an engaging, user-friendly experience for deep exploration, visualization of house types, and understanding the surrounding landscapes. To overcome the limitations of traditional physical architectural models, including cost and real-time updates, Mulberry Homes desired a fully immersive alternative to replace physical models and enhance the sales process.

Key Requirements:

  1. Detailed Exploration: Mulberry Homes required a comprehensive tool for users to explore the development from any angle, showcasing the entire site in detail.
  2. Variant Visualization: The solution needed to effectively exhibit multiple house types, including elevation variations, materials, and intricate landscaping details for each plot.
  3. Cost and Updatability: Mulberry Homes aimed to eliminate expenses associated with physical architectural models and sought an easily updatable solution as the development progressed.

The solution

To address these challenges, Mulberry Homes partnered with Blue Cube Studios, property CGI and 3D animation specialists, to create a fully immersive, 3D experience using Unreal Engine. The choice of Unreal Engine was based on its artist-friendly interface, art direction capabilities, and simplified import process with the Datasmith plugin, so that existing 3D models and assets could be easily imported. The interactive experience was utilized in marketing suites to promote the development.

The impact

The project received overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients and sales advisors. The interactive experience revolutionized the sales process, significantly boosting buyer confidence and streamlining reservations.

Future plans involve leveraging PureWeb's real-time streaming platform to extend the experience online, ensuring broader accessibility and engagement. This transition enables the capture of valuable engagement data and analytics for data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement. Integration with the client's CRM system enhances data management and delivers a seamless experience for clients and sales advisors.

"To maximize the potential of the solution, we have chosen to partner with PureWeb to host this interactive experience on the web, allowing potential customers to view the development online. This means that our client gets multiple uses for their investment with this interactive technology. Thanks to PureWeb, we will now be able to offer our clients the best of both worlds. PureWeb has made the process easy with helpful tools and a knowledgeable team with a high level of support.” - Richard Hart, Founder of Blue Cube Studios

Overall, this experience’s success lies in its transformative impact on the home buying process, generating positive feedback, and empowering the client with a versatile marketing and sales platform.

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