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Unleash your Unreal Engine Projects and Experiences with PureWeb

By PureWeb09.14.21
Unleash your Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming Projects and Experiences with PureWeb

Unreal Engine’s latest 4.27 release makes it easier than ever for creators to deliver real time renderings for their games, training simulations, e-commerce experiences, and more.

In the past, developers have had to sacrifice graphics quality in exchange for a smooth game or interactive experience. Thanks to Unreal Engine’s technology, 3D experience developers and designers never have to choose--they can achieve both. Their latest iteration makes it easier for creators to enjoy advanced virtual production techniques, colour calibration, maximized resolution, and production-ready pixel streaming.

Unreal Engine 4.27 packs powerful features for more photorealistic, real-time 3D renderings

Unreal Engine 4.27 simplifies the process of creating lifelike, 3D experiences for use cases across industries including e-commerce product configurators, home tours in real estate, auto shows, and more.

Product configurators for luxury goods

Retail industry marketers and brand activation teams need compelling ways to attract attention online. Today’s consumers are overwhelmed with offers and content. Brands that want to capture new audiences are offering novel experiences that pique shoppers’ curiosity. 3D product configurators are one way they are doing this, which capitalize on consumers’ desire for interactive experiences.

Unreal Engine’s real time rendering tool makes it possible for consumers to customize a lifelike, 3D rendering of anything from a running shoe to a sports car, online and from any device. Unreal’s enhanced lighting and shading techniques make it possible for a buyer to inspect the customized rendering from any angle and make a purchase decision as if they were holding the item in their hand. This technology can help accelerate online shopping of luxury items like motorcycles, cars, jewelry, and high-end clothing.

Real estate visualizations

The power of lifelike renderings extends beyond items you can hold in your hand. Real time rendering also empowers property developers to give prospects an interactive walkthrough of a home or condo from the comfort of their smartphone or laptop. For most people, buying a home is the biggest purchase they’ll ever make, the largest asset in their retirement portfolio, and a highly emotional experience. Real estate visualizations made in Unreal Engine allow developers and real estate agents to show potential buyers different finishes and upgrades they can enjoy in their pre-built home, such as marble countertops, hardwood floors, or nicer tilework in the master bathroom. They can show what the home looks like at different times of day with different lighting. At the same time, these professionals need an efficient way to cater to prospects, so they can save their in-person appointments for highly motivated buyers while keeping moderately motivated buyers engaged and in the pipeline.

Enhanced collaboration across multiple industries

Unreal Engine’s real time rendering possibilities aren’t limited to downstream selling activities. Photorealistic 3D experiences are increasingly used in upstream activities such as automobile design or planning for a construction project. These experiences also enhance collaboration in industries like healthcare that are rapidly moving towards telemedicine--photorealistic renderings of medical images make virtual, cross-specialist collaboration easier, improving patient outcomes.

Unreal Engine's features are fully supported by PureWeb for large-scale distribution

What features are making all these enhanced visualizations and collaborations possible? The latest version of Unreal Engine offers exciting new features that make it faster and easier for creators to bring their ideas to life using advanced rendering tools.

  • Enhanced support for in-camera visual effects
  • More accurate colour calibration that makes it easier to align what real-world cameras capture on the LED volume and what’s displayed in Unreal Engine
  • Additional multi-GPU support for more efficient scaling of nDisplay
  • Faster light baking using the latest ray tracing capabilities
  • Faster compression and encoding tools built into the Unreal Engine
  • Availability of production-ready pixel streaming to deliver Unreal experiences through a web browser

Today, PureWeb is the best positioned platform to publish Pixel Streaming experiences. PureWeb’s Reality platform makes it easy for creators and enterprises to share their 3D assets without compromising on either accessibility or quality. When audiences view a 3D experience or digital twin using our streaming platform, no visual quality is lost. At the same time, users can access these 3D experiences from any device without downloading and installing any extra applications.

Our Reality Resource Hub provides easy access to resources, how-to guides, and more for optimizing and deploying your model.

If you're ready to publish your Unreal file to the cloud for web distribution, or if you're still in the planning stages, contact our team of experts and we can help you take the next steps.