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PureWeb Reality™ Now Supports Unreal Engine 5.3 for Advanced Pixel Streaming Experiences

By PureWeb11.09.23
PureWeb Reality™ Now Supports Unreal Engine 5.3 for Advanced Pixel Streaming Experiences

We’re excited to announce that PureWeb Reality now supports Unreal Engine 5.3. With each new iteration, Unreal Engine pushes the boundaries of what's possible with real-time 3D experiences, and we at PureWeb are committed to ensuring that our users can harness the full potential of pixel streaming.

The Power of Unreal Engine 5.3

Unreal Engine 5.3 introduces an array of game-changing features, including enhanced graphical capabilities, streamlined workflows, and improved overall performance. The advancements in this version offer our users unparalleled possibilities for creating immersive, real-time pixel streaming applications with lifelike visuals, featuring photorealistic digital humans and highly detailed environments.

Our platform also supports Nanite virtualized geometry, which enables pixel streaming of film-quality assets, allowing you to create expansive, open worlds with remarkable detail, all while maintaining optimal performance for pixel streaming applications.

Getting Started

Are you eager to explore the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5.3 within the PureWeb Reality platform? Getting started is simple:

  1. Add our new PureWeb Reality™ 5.3 Unreal Engine plug-in (which can be found here) to your Unreal 5.3 project. If you’re upgrading an existing Unreal project, you’ll need to completely remove that version of the PureWeb plugin from your project and replace it with the 5.3 version.
  2. If you’re just getting started with streaming Unreal Engine on PureWeb, you can refer to our Getting Started guide here.

Have any questions? Want to learn more about our pixel streaming platform? Get in touch to speak with one of our specialists.