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Meet VIRTUALhaus: Virtually Building a Better World

By PureWeb03.30.22
Meet VIRTUALhaus: Cutting edge 3D visualization technology revolutionizing the building industry

We’re proud to partner with VIRTUALhaus – the leading 3D-commerce solution for selling building products. Their revolutionary platform will allow users to visualize, quantify, compare, and sell building products in a customized, photorealistic environment that is in real time and entirely web-based – no downloads or specialized hardware needed.

For decades, sales teams in the building products industry have struggled with the same problem – a painfully slow sales cycle and high operating expenses due to manual processes and outdated technology.

With the VIRTUALhaus platform, retailers will be able to transform 2D floorplans into interactive 3D spaces where customers can select products by shopping for them in a digital twin of the built space using photorealistic products. Meanwhile, team members will have all of the backend information they need (takeoffs, pricing, inventory status, etc.) to process the order automatically rather than relying on manual processes.

As such, their interactive virtual showroom will allow customers from anywhere in the world to shop for all product categories side-by-side within a photorealistic virtualization of the actual space they are designing for. They can view all available products, swap them out, and choose the items they want. This will effectively reduce the amount of time it takes for a customer to make a decision and helps increase customer confidence.

Retailers can easily sell their full product catalogue to buyers, which is helpful when in-person showrooms are not accessible or in-store displays don’t currently have all products in stock.

Features include:

Photo-Realistic Digital Twin Models

Digital twins of individual products and entire physical spaces which can be used across multiple product categories.

Real-Time Visualizations

Increase buyer confidence and accelerate decision-making by allowing your customers to shop for products side-by-side in a real-time environment.

Automated Quantity Takeoffs

With VIRTUALhaus Vector Computing Technology, we can instantly create takeoffs for each product category in your project.

360-Degree Solution

Our Platform is the only solution in the industry that provides a complete visualization experience from configuration to purchasing, with zero mistakes.

Virtual Production Studio

Use our marketing software to instantly recreate a studio production environment for a fraction of the cost.

Real-Time Analytics

Anticipate your customer's needs and improve your ordering process by collecting real-time data on shopping behavior.

Easily accessible virtual showroom experiences for any user, on any device, anywhere in the world

Of course, no interactive 3D experience is worth its weight unless it’s available to as many end users as the brand wants. Thanks to the PureWeb Reality platform, VIRTUALhaus is able to stream these high-fidelity, web-based experiences to users anywhere in the world on their smartphone, tablet, or computer via a simple URL.

Want to be one of the first to get access to this revolutionary solution? Connect with a specialist on our team to learn more.