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5 Enterprise Projects Created Using Unity Software

By Neya Abdi03.15.23
5 Enterprise Projects Created Using Unity Software | PureWeb

These companies are using Unity software to help achieve their business goals

When you think of Unity's real-time development platform, the first thing that comes to mind for most is gaming. Beyond that, the company’s technology offers a powerful way for organizations across multiple industries to enhance employee experience, streamline workflows, engage with customers, and more.

Tilbury Douglas makes construction planning more efficient with Unity software-powered solution

Construction projects are expensive. One of the most challenging components is getting early drawings to capture all the information needed to make decisions related to cost, specifications, regulations, and more. British construction company Tilbury Douglas created a digital solution using Unity software. It allowed the team to create detailed, real-time 3D designs sooner in the construction planning process at a fraction of the cost. It also allowed teams to incorporate other stakeholders – such as government representatives, architects, and engineers – sooner in the process using this Unity solution.

Developing cities and communities using Unity software-enabled digital twins

Digital twins help people manage complexity in a simple way. The Orlando Economic Partnership used Unity software to develop a digital twin of the Orlando region. They layered both public and private data on top of this visual representation, allowing them to use the digital twin as a decision-making tool for new urban projects. This Unity software-developed tool also gave them a way to pitch the economic opportunities available in the city to people and investors outside of Orlando.

Volvo uses Unity software to develop real-time auto design collaboration tool

Teamwork makes the dream work, especially when it comes to engineering some of the safest cars in the world. Volvo wanted to improve the process of developing its vehicles, so it created a Unity software-powered tool chain that would make it easier for its various teams to collaborate during the design process. Different teams worked on different modules or elements of the car engineering process, making it difficult for them to collaborate in real time. As a result of using this Unity-enabled real-time 3D platform, the Volvo teams were able to work more efficiently together and rely less on expensive physical models early in the design process.

Deckers Brands optimizes its product lifecycle using Unity software

Global footwear brand Deckers Brands wanted to optimize its product lifecycle. As a global operation, it wanted to reduce its carbon footprint while also saving money, time, and materials. It turned to RestAR, a technology now owned by Unity software, to scan its physical products and create 3D renderings of them. This allowed the global brand to save 80 percent on 3D scanning, produce high-resolution scans in hours rather than days, and virtually eliminate physical prototypes that have to be shipped around the world.

Boeing uses Unity software-powered AR to streamline maintenance and inspections

Maintenance and inspections are an important part of aviation. It’s a process that happens many times through an aircraft’s lifecycle, so Boeing wanted a way to streamline the process. They worked with Unity software to create an augmented reality tool that would allow them to identify existing damage as well as new damage quickly and easily. The inspector could get enhanced information about the aircraft by viewing the aircraft through an AR device (e.g., a tablet) by seeing a 3D graphical layer on top of the actual aircraft.

Unity software offers use cases across multiple industries that go beyond video games

The number of industries that use real-time 3D rendering tools to generate business outcomes is growing every day. Unity software offers a way for leaders to streamline workflows, simplify complexity, speed up decision making, and more.

If you already have a Unity project in the works and are on the hunt for a streaming partner to distribute your project to any device, anywhere, and at scale, get in touch.