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Spaces for Healthcare

Breaking down barriers to improve patient care


The future of healthcare will be shaped by demand-driven, real-time collaboration. PureWeb Spaces is the answer to that challenge.

Spaces by PureWeb is a secure, collaborative platform where healthcare professionals can share and discuss content whether expert to expert or expert to patient. Spaces enables multiple participants to simultaneously share applications on one screen with rich interactive capabilities and built-in audio & video.

PureWeb Spaces is a cloud collaboration platform that allows healthcare teams or patients to attend virtual meetings or appointments and share clinical data with integrated audio/video. 


Spaces audio/video and screen sharing features are all securely encrypted over HTTPS.


All members of the virtual care team are responsible for sharing and protecting PHI such that any content shared in Spaces is done with authorized healthcare professionals or a specific patient. 


HTTPS Security protocols:


Spaces is a zero footprint, browser-based platform running in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) built on a serverless architecture. WebRTC streams are used for Audio/Video and screen sharing, where streams go peer to peer (p2p) if possible or through secure TURN and STUN servers where users’ network architecture does not allow p2p. 


ResolutionMD and Pathology screen sharing uses native streaming over HTTPS to provide the highest level of image quality.

Protecting Patient Data during Secure Sharing:


Only authorized users with a specific Spaces password can participate and attend a meeting.  The host can end all sharing by forcing all participants to re-enter a new password. Only participants with the Spaces specific password can join and share content which provides another level of security access controls. Spaces stores usernames, emails and organizational relationships, but not PHI information and it does not create any PHI, it does receive and transmit via secure, HTTPS to authorized participants

Audit Controls:


Spaces does not create any PHI, audit controls are at a high-level of tracking who is attending a meeting, and which Spaces services were used. No recording or persistence of any PHI information presented or shared during a meeting is saved. Note: Auditing controls should be designed into each application being shared, all participants are advised to share at the application or browser tab to limit meeting participants to specific content. 

PureWeb Spaces HIPAA Statement

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