How our customers use PureWeb

PureWeb’s smart streaming technology unlocks the innovative potential of companies across industries. Our cloud streaming and on-premise solutions accelerate workflows and bring creative visions to life for 3D visualization designers, automakers, architects, training leaders and more.


Lead the charge in automotive e-commerce sales with immersive 3D experiences that give customers a 360 degree view of their next ride.
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3D vehicle and aircraft configurators

Gamify the automotive shopping experience with an interactive 3D configurator that lets customers build their dream car, motorbike, boat and more.

Fully-managed, scalable service

Enjoy a reliable service that efficiently manages traffic increases and deploys multiple users to the same GPU to ensure cost efficiencies as you scale.

Manufacturing & Transportation

Lead the digital future of manufacturing using a suite of tools to enrich each link in the value chain, including product design, marketing and sales.
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Offer powerful personalization options

Delight your customers with interactive 3D configurators that simplify customizations, upgrades, and add ons for increased online sales.

Interactive streaming of product demos

Demonstrate complex products, equipment and machinery with an immersive 3D demo streamed to a meeting space that sales reps and customers can access remotely.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Breathe life into your photorealistic renderings by providing an interactive 3D walkthrough for potential buyers of your pre-construction homes and commercial projects.
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Interactive real estate sales

Walk your clients through their future home or workspace, and display potential upgrades in real time using an immersive 3D demo.

Password protection for secure collaboration

Securely share 3D architecture, building construction, and CAD models with colleagues using password protected interactive 3D meeting rooms.

Product Configurators

Increase sales using online catalogues and configurable 3D models while increasing purchase value and managing inventory more efficiently.
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Offer personalization at scale

Empower customers to build and buy custom versions of your products, down to the last detail, from the comfort of their home.

Bridge the in-store versus online experience

Increase conversion rates faster with interactive and immersive 3D models that provide an almost tangible digital experience.

Training Simulation

Gamify online learning and deliver world-class training at a fraction of traditional costs to your employees wherever they are in the world.
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Customizable & integrable

Integrate your interactive 3D training modules directly into your company’s learning management system.

Cloud-based or on-premise deployment

Stream your immersive 3D training experience through the cloud or on-premise based on your company’s security needs and location.


Improve patient outcomes and reach accurate diagnoses by partnering with the global leader in 3D medical imaging for healthcare professionals.
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Increase the accuracy of diagnoses

Collaborate and confer with healthcare professionals in various disciplines to arrive at more comprehensive, accurate diagnoses and improve patient outcomes

Securely interact with 2D/3D patient images

Share 2D/3D patient images using a platform designed for compliance with privacy regulations and trusted by healthcare providers around the world

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