How to Increase Customer Interaction with 3D Product Experiences Streamed from the Cloud

Posted by Cameron Kiddle on Thu, Sep 13, 2018


Now you can share 3D interactive product experiences across the web and on any device with PureWeb® Reality. Let your customers interact with virtual product simulations and models like car configurators, real estate walkthroughs and architectural visualizations.

Access your Unreal Engine-powered project from the Cloud and share it on mobile devices, embed it in web pages and collaborate in real time. You don’t have to worry about what type of devices your customers are on. They’ll enjoy the ability to interact with a smooth, photo-real 3D product experience on the device of their choosing.

Here’s how you can increase customer interaction with 3D product experiences using PureWeb Reality.

Create customized, immersive product experiences

Engage and interact with potential customers across multiple devices as they explore your new apartment, car or product from anywhere in the world. Embed your 3D experience in a web page or allow viewers to use it full screen. Customize it even more using native game controls or intuitive buttons, like live color palettes, for product selection right in your page.

A main drawback of shopping for products online is not being able to physically see what it is you’re purchasing. Let customers view how your product looks from all angles in a real-life setting. This can lessen the anxiety in their minds about making the choice to buy.

Provide secure, on-demand access at scale

Much like a display model in a brick-and-mortar storefront, 3D product experiences invite customer interaction by design. People enjoy the ability to turn a 3D object around and investigate it. They’re simply drawn in by curiosity, and indulging it in a 3D experience is as easy as pushing a demo button in a physical store.

Meanwhile, your valuable 3D assets stay secure on the Cloud. Customers only see your full final rendered images on their device, whether they’re using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. PureWeb Reality uses standard protocols such as HTTPS and Secure WebSockets to ensure secure interaction. Choose where and when you want your 3D experience available and PureWeb Reality will dynamically scale to meet user demand.

Collaborate with customers to enhance your brand

Allow sales staff and trainers to easily engage and assist customers remotely by sharing their first person view and controls of the PureWeb Reality 3D experience live. The experience can be enhanced with integrated audio and video as well as the ability to screen share other applications running locally.

Ecommerce is growing by leaps and bounds, but one of the biggest disadvantages it still faces is the difficulty of giving customers an accurate sense of what products actually look and feel like. The result can be a disconnect between customer expectations and reality. 3D interactive product experiences can help integrate the online with the offline in many industries.

3D technology is poised to influence shoppers in stores, at home and on their mobile devices. Brands can’t afford to miss out on the exciting opportunities 3D product experiences present. To sign up for a trial of PureWeb Reality, visit You can also try out some live demos to experience it for yourself.

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