With Amazon’s new GPU's, the sky is the limit

Posted by Dan Pigat on Tue, Nov 5, 2013


Written by Dan Pigat, VP Cloud and Collaboration Solutions.

Something has been quietly happening in data centers around the world: new GPU’s were being installed by Amazon Web Services. This sounds like more of the same – adding specialized processors to support millions of jobs already swarmed by millions of CPU’s. Where’s the news in that?

The fact is, the addition of these new GPU’s (Graphical Processing Units) is significantly different. GPU’s extend the benefits of cloud computing to a new class of applications – ones that are graphically intensive and visually interactive. 

It means medical images can be cheaply and flexibly stored in remote PACS systems and then accessed by radiologists and doctors anywhere. In US healthcare alone some 400 million procedures a year now involve at least one medical image. This amounts to an ever expanding IT headache to provide the systems and manage the images, and then to get them into practitioner’s hands quickly.

Other industries benefit in the same way. Geologists can evaluate full sub-surface models on laptops and tablets in any situation, and simulation software can be used together by several users with a remote trainer. These, and other advanced applications, are now available to users wherever they are, on whatever device they happen to have.

For Calgary Scientific, it means advanced imaging software like ResolutionMD™ will have new, flexible and inexpensive deployment options. This also holds true for our PureWeb® SDK customers, no matter their industry.

It's these graphically intensive applications that will benefit the most from being deployed on the cloud. They typically generate and consume huge files, demand instant high performance and have highly trained and dispersed users.

While IT administrators will welcome new flexibility and cost savings, it’s access to tools of the world’s most specialized and scarce users that will make the biggest difference. This enables new workflows and extends the use of these applications to more people.

Many users won’t notice this announcement, but the installation of GPU’s matters to countless industries and professional users who couldn't benefit from cloud computing, until now. I’d say there’s news in that, wouldn’t you?

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