PureWeb Unveils Spaces for Healthcare Platform

PureWeb Unveils Spaces for Healthcare Platform

Virtual Collaboration Breaks Down Barriers to Improved Patient Care

PureWeb Inc. (formerly Calgary Scientific) introduced its new on-demand, critical collaboration platform for healthcare professionals – Spaces by PureWeb® – today at RSNA 2018 in Chicago. Spaces brings together multidisciplinary teams, image-intensive applications and critical patient data – all in a single, cloud-based platform that can be experienced interactively in any browser, on any device, in real time.

“The future of healthcare is going to be shaped by demand-driven, real-time collaboration among medical professionals,” says Barry Allen, CEO of PureWeb. “When it comes to critical decision-making among clinicians and practitioners, we think that Spaces is the answer to that challenge.”

The Spaces platform can accommodate: 360° patient data access, multiple desktop applications, anywhere mobility, full audio-visual communications, artificial intelligence (AI) integration and cloud deployment, all in a completely secure environment.  Virtual collaboration meetings require a solution that has extensive flexibility (scheduled, ad hoc or via telehealth) – see our recently-released whitepaper on this topic, “Virtual Collaboration: The Foundation of Virtual Patient Care”.

PureWeb continues to broaden its technology and service offering in healthcare.  ResolutionMD®, introduced in 2006, continues to be an industry-leading solution for healthcare professionals who need to collaborate while securely viewing 2D/3D images (DICOM and non-DICOM) and clinically diagnosing patients. Spaces for Healthcare builds on that foundation and expands it to other diagnostic, communications and collaboration tools.

PureWeb encourages clinical first-adopters and partners who want to scale and embed their products into Spaces to visit us this week at RSNA booth #2574.

About PureWeb Inc.

The company’s patented PureWeb® platform enables customers to interactively access massive data files with complex applications like photo-real 3D simulations on any device without moving or copying source data.  Anchored by market-leading enterprise solutions in healthcare such as ResolutionMD®, the company is rapidly expanding to new horizontal and vertical markets in industrial workforce training, customer service, automotive configurators and ecommerce.  Founded in 2004, PureWeb (formerly Calgary Scientific) continues to drive innovation in cloud-based, critical collaboration platforms, supported by a strong patent portfolio (90+).

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