PureWeb and REIN Partner to Deliver Interactive 3D Walkthroughs of Prebuilt Condos and Homes With Simultaneous Videoconferencing

PureWeb and REIN Partner to Deliver Interactive 3D Walkthroughs of Prebuilt Condos and Homes With Simultaneous Videoconferencing

First-ever solution enables developers to walk buyers through new developments using hyperrealistic virtual tour software delivered via a standard web browser


PureWeb, a software and services company specializing in smart streaming technology for publishing, collaborating and interacting with massive data and graphic-intensive files, and REIN, a leader in next-generation real estate visualization technology, today announced a partnership to combine real-time web-based videoconferencing with 3D, 360-degree tours of luxury condos, apartments and homes. The fully integrated solution, powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, NVIDIA graphics processing units and Amazon Web Services, is available now for real estate developers across the U.S. and Canada to reach a global audience of real estate buyers.

“PureWeb’s cloud streaming service will provide the capability for property developers to deliver high-performance, photorealistic virtual home tours with real-time ray tracing and to deploy these immersive web experiences for prospective home buyers on a global scale,” said James Henry, CTO of PureWeb. “Together with REIN, we’re effectively making interactive 3D content for the entire home building industry accessible to anyone, from any device, in high fidelity and in real time.”

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The partnership between PureWeb and REIN has resulted in a highly user-friendly service that enables new home and condo developers to have buyers visualize their future homes anywhere streamed through a standard web browser with built-in real-time videoconferencing. This includes the ability for a property developer or broker to walk a buyer through a condo unit or home before it is even built and the ability to virtually view exteriors, amenities and common areas. Buyers are able to select and configure layouts, upgrade options and choose finishes, fixtures and furnishings. After a home is purchased, the buyer can then select and place furniture throughout his or her future home.

REIN creates stunning visualizations of real estate projects using Epic Games’ latest advanced gaming engine, Unreal Engine 4.22, which supports real-time ray tracing on NVIDIA RTX GPUs, allowing for hyperrealistic experiences that capture and disperse light naturally. The new ray-tracing features provide users with an unbelievably real representation of space and design that highlights reflections, shadows and light diffusion on multiple surfaces with precise measurements to represent a variety of surfaces, colors and textures.

“REIN and PureWeb are demonstrating the revolutionary possibilities of using our solutions to bring entirely new types of experiences to customers,” said Ken Pimentel, Strategic Business Development at Epic Games. “They are at the very leading edge of what’s possible; we’re pleased to be part of this.”

In conjunction with the visuals and integrated configuration and pricing capabilities develop­ed by REIN, the joint solution uses PureWeb’s interactive cloud streaming and audiovisual capabilities, via Reality and Spaces, to create a truly collaborative environment where buyers can talk with an expert to get real-time information while experiencing their future home or condo online. This captures buyers’ attention when they’re doing their own online research. The solution greatly improves and simplifies the buying experience for users while simultaneously reducing costs for builders by consolidating sales and design teams and minimizing the footprint of sales and design centers.

PureWeb Reality, a cloud-based 3D streaming service, utilizes NVIDIA GPU-powered Amazon EC2 instances, delivering superior graphics performance and the most cost-effective compute in the cloud for running graphic-intensive applications. Reality will be further enhanced once the new Amazon EC2 G4 instances are released; these new instances will use the NVIDIA T4 GPU, a new RTX-capable GPU that facilitates real-time ray tracing capabilities.

“With life-like scene illumination powered by real-time ray tracing, these photoreal, immersive home tours will enable design firms to communicate and collaborate with clients while empowering prospective homebuyers to make more informed purchasing decisions,” says Thomas Riley, Director of Global Business Development at NVIDIA. “The NVIDIA T4 is the first NVIDIA RTX ray-tracing GPU in the cloud. Its dedicated RT Cores perform ray-tracing operations with extraordinary efficiency and will enable REIN to bring greater value to everyone looking to build or buy a new home.”

A user-friendly web-based conferencing tool, PureWeb Spaces utilizes unique shared URLs so buyers can instantly videoconference without having to download new software. When used alongside Reality for 3D real estate visualizations, Spaces integrates seamlessly, streaming the interactive 3D content while facilitating real-time video calls with sales or design reps.

“We live in an ‘experience economy,’ and today’s real estate buyers want the ability to experience a new property before it’s been built in a far different way than the scale models and show units of the past,” said Nathan Nasseri, founder and CEO of REIN. “The REIN solution allows the next generation of buyers to view a new condo or home in a way that is catered to their own shopping habits with the information they want in any format they want — all online. This includes web tours, video, images, custom property and room configurations and more — now streamed through a web browser with built-in videoconferencing, thanks to our partnership with PureWeb.”

“The new home construction industry is going to be radically different in 10 years, and we plan to lead the way to help real estate developers navigate the path forward,” added Nasseri.

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REIN is a leader in real estate innovation, delivering state-of-the-art virtual walkthroughs to luxury property developers, brokers and buyers of new construction luxury condos, apartments and homes in master planned communities. REIN’s innovative virtual walkthrough platform combines digital architecture plans, construction plans and exterior drone photographs with REIN’s proprietary database of millions of interior design options and 3D modeling capabilities to deliver high-definition virtual tours of new property developments long before construction has begun. REIN was founded by a team of real estate and game development veterans who saw a need to bring luxury real estate buying into today’s “experience economy.” REIN is privately held with offices in Silicon Valley, California, and Edmonton, Alberta.

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