Calgary Scientific's focus on radical innovation has resulted in technical breakthroughs unmatched by industry competitors.

Our tools facilitate collaborative and secure access to applications, data and images from any device in any location, so you can make decisions on your own terms. 



Gain unlimited, real time access to rich imagery without having to download data. Our tools feature full data visual interaction capabilities that are high performance and available via any bandwidth. 

Representative Family Member

Patent Title

US 2016/0226871

Highly Scalable, Fault Tolerant Remote Access Architecture and Method of Connecting Thereto

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Method for Providing a Connection of a Client to an Unmanaged Service in a Client-Server Remote Access System

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Image Data Transmission

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Method and System for Providing Remote Access to a State of an Application Program 


Collaborate with your colleagues on your own terms - anywhere, anytime on any device. Our software tools enable simultaneous collaboration across multiple application and two-way screen sharing.    

Representative Family Member

Patent Title

US 2017/0226871

Methods and Systems for Selectively Sharing Screen Content Over a Communication Connection

 US 9,584,447

Method for Client-Side Flow Control in a Remote Access Environment

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Methods and Systems for Peer-to-Peer Discovery and Connection From a Collaborative Application Session

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Methods and Systems for Collaborative Remote Application Sharing and Conferencing

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Coupled Application Extensions for Collaborative Remote Application Sharing

US 9,596,320 / 
US 9,591,100

Uncoupled Application Extensions Including Interactive Digital Surface Layer for Collaborative Remote Application Sharing and Annotating

 US 9,720,747

Method for Flow Control and Reliable Communication in a Collaborative Environment


Gain cross platform integration and interconnection to heavy data. Our technology federates systems to provide simultaneous access to, and use of, heavy data in disparate systems. 

Representative Family Member

Patent Title

US 2015/0106344

Methods and Systems for Intelligent Archive Searching in Multiple Repository Systems

US 8,478,842

Data Communication in a Picture Archiving and Communications System Network

User Experience

Get uncompromised access to critical data and images. The unique functionality of our software allows you to manipulate images with ease. Scroll through image slices, pan, zoom or adjust the viewing window on your desktop or touchscreen device. 

Representative Family Member

Patent Title

US 2016/029184

Method for Capturing Layered Screen Content

US 2016/0261712

Methods and Systems for Requesting Access to Limited Service Instances

US 2016/0098818

Method and Apparatus for Precision Measurements on a Touch Screen

US 9,411,549

Dynamic Generation of Test Images for Ambient Light Testing

US 2014/0074913

Client-side Image Rendering in a Client-Server Image Viewing Architecture

US 2014/0071074

Adaptive Scrolling of Image Data on a Touch-Sensitive Display

Image Processing

Calgary Scientific solutions provide secure and seamless access to data and images from any device in any computing environment, across enterprise platforms.

Representative Family Member

Patent Title

US 8,755,576

Determining Contours of a Vessel Using an Active Contouring Model

US 9,443,317
US 9,443,303

Image Display of a Centerline of a Tubular Structure

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Level Set Segmentation of Volume Data

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Synthetic Aperture MRI

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Filtering Artifact from fMRI Data Using the Stockwell Transform

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Distributed Vector-Processing of the S-Transform for Medical Applications

US 6,850,062

Local Multi-scale Fourier Analysis for MRI


Our strength is in edgeless computing. We give you the ability to access large amounts of data across multiple platforms from nearly any device, while still maintaining image and data fidelity and quality.

Representative Family Member

Patent Title

US 2013/0007185

Method for Cataloguing and Accessing Digital Frame Content

US 8,890,906

Method and System for Remotely Calibrating Display of Image Data

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