Last update January 31, 2020

PureWeb Inc. is a leading provider of advanced software products for enterprise imaging, streaming, and collaboration.  PureWeb’s technology can be found in PureWeb products and in licensed products offered by our commercial partners.

The following PureWeb products are protected by patents in the U.S. and elsewhere, as owned by PureWeb Inc. or it’s parent company Calgary ScientificInc., and this website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).

PureWeb Platform

US Patents: US10410306;US10334042; US10055105; US9985913; US9979670; US9871860; US9741084; US9686205;US9584447; US9367365; US8949378; US8799354

US Pending PatentApplications:  US20190342385;US20180375785; US20170104818; US20160226871; US20100223566

ResolutionMD Enterprise Medical Imaging Viewer

US Patents: US10334042; US9979670; US9928570; US9871860;US9686205; US9411549; US9367365; US8799354; US7991589; US7893940; US7401006

US Pending Patent Applications: US20190342385;US20180375785; US20180286014; US20180121217; US20170104818; US20150106344;US20130007185; US20100201685


ResolutionMD Vessel Analysis Module

US Patents:US9443317; US9443303; US8755576; US10535189


Last update February 6,2020

PureWeb’s trademarks are part of who we are. The goodwill and reputation we have acquired in developing and supporting advanced software is captured in our trademarks, so it is important to use them properly. Whether you have permission to use our trademarks through a partner agreement or are using them under public fair use provisions, please take a few moments to read these basic usage guidelines.

Our trademarks

The trademarks listed below are owned by PureWeb Inc. or its parent company CalgaryScientific Inc. Those trademarks followed by ® are registered trademarks in the United States, other countries, or both; all others are common law marks in jurisdictions where trademark laws allow for common law trademarks. Though the ® notation is used in the list to indicate registration, it is not a requirement to mark trademarks. 

Company name

PureWeb is also our trade name, or name under which we conduct business and, when used in that context, never requires the ®designation. A company name is a noun. When referring to PureWeb as a company name, with or without the “Inc.,” do not include a trademark designation.

Trademarks are adjectives

Trademarks are adjectives and should be treated as adjectives, to be followed by the appropriate noun (e.g.,software, technology, file, functionality) as much as practical, and at least in the first mention in the text of a given piece.  Please do not use  our trademarks as nouns, verbs or verb forms.

Correct:  We use PureWeb interactive streaming software for customer engagement.

Incorrect: We use PureWeb’s interactive streaming software for customer engagement. 

Incorrect: We usePureWeb for customer engagement.

After the first mention of a trademark, continue to treat the mark as an adjective, even if the modified noun (e.g., software, technology, file, functionality) is implied.

Do not vary the form of trademarks

Do not abbreviate, hyphenate, shorten, add spaces, alter styling, or use in plural, possessive, or modified form.

Correct: PureWeb, ResolutionMD

Incorrect:  Pure Web, Resolution MD

Incorrect: pureweb, resolutionMD

Trademark symbols

It is not a requirement to mark trademarks and you will notice that we use them sparingly.  When used, it is acceptable to include the appropriate symbol, whether ® or ™ (common law),with the associated mark only in the first prominent mention in a publication; for a publication consisting of chapters or on websites such as product centers, include the appropriate trademark symbol the first time a mark is mentioned in each chapter, or on each new web page.