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Zero-footprint secure viewer. Federated access across healthcare departments and systems. Future-proofed for machine learning.



Concerned about security and patient privacy? We are too.

A true zero footprint viewer ensures no image data is moved to a client device. If providers lose the device, no patient info is exposed. You can share your data without moving it or changing it, as well as centralize access and security. Tested using the highest level of security best practices.

Looking for federated access across your PACS, VNAs, XDS repositories, and EHRs? We can help with that.

Easily integrate with existing EHR, portals or other healthcare IT systems. Quickly implement an image and report viewing solution to securely access valuable information from multiple disparate systems and data sources.


Future proof your data for machine learning.

Machine learning and AI hold massive potential for healthcare, impacting everything from hospital data security to computer-assisted analysis and diagnosis. With AI, your valuable enterprise data will further benefit patient outcomes and lower costs. We can help you to work across your enterprise to access your data, and create a strategy for new AI-driven initiatives.


Case Studies

ResolutionMD has allows clinicians at Intermountain Health to access a true zero foot-print enterprise viewer. More

Radiologists at Nebraska Medicine are no longer restricted by their desktop computers. More

Accelerating access to time-sensitive images helps Veterans Affairs reduce costs and improve real-time care. More


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