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Share multiple applications concurrently from your desktop or cloud

Collaborate with others anywhere and on any device

Bring everything and everyone together in context

Secure and interactive collaboration directly from your desktop. No downloads required.

LaunchPad for Unreal Editor

Share a live and interactive view of any Pixelstreaming enabled Unreal project. Participants can interact with the Unreal project within Spaces - no downloads required. Spaces built-in audio & video tools enable seamless collaboration. LaunchPad for Unreal editor is available at Download Unreal Plug-in 


LaunchPad for Unreal Editor. 

What if sharing your Unreal project was as easy as one click?

LaunchPad for Rhino

Share an interactive stream of your CAD model directly from Rhino3D into Spaces. Collaborators can interact with your CAD model within Spaces - no downloads required. Built-in tools enable seamless collaboration. LaunchPad for Rhino is available at


LaunchPad for Rhino®

Enables CAD designers and engineers to safely share CAD models with others directly from Rhinoceros (Rhino3D). 

Design by PureWeb

Access your CAD projects through Box and Dropbox directly within Spaces. CAD models are cloud rendered and never downloaded to end devices. Seamlessly collaborate with others through built-in audio & video and mark-up tools. Zero footprint, no downloads required. Check it out at



 Our team of developers wanted to solve a problem for working with team members without being in the same office. The project grew to help more friends coordinate CAD files in unreal Project.

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