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Reality by PureWeb

delivering training on the cloud

PureWeb replaces traditional learning environments with immersive learning experiences improving retention and outcomes. Users can access their training anytime, anywhere, on any device and enjoy high performance, high fidelity experiences.


Reality is a fully managed, secure and scalable service that provides on-demand access to simulation and training projects built using Unity or Unreal Engine. Projects are deployed on the cloud giving access to the latest training material at all times without requiring any downloads or installations. Powerful GPUs on the server side render 3D photorealistic experiences in real time with rendered images streamed to web browsers on end devices so source data is never copied or moved. PureWeb can also do custom integrations with 3rd party services such as learning management systems.


Reality delivers cost effective solutions for industrial training direct to the trainee thereby reducing or eliminating  travel and related loss of productivity. Possible use cases include operational, procedural, maintenance, safety and regulatory training.


Endeavor Technologies Corporation in Calgary has partnered with PureWeb to deploy their Unity based well drilling training software online using Reality. Named Endeavor.One, this solution replaces in classroom training methods and eliminates or reduces the need for travel costs associated with location based training. Drilling compliance certification demands that minimum training be completed annually. Online accessibility maintains regulatory and safety protocols by extending audience reach with regular monthly usage improving retention and performance. Rig personnel can keep up to date with the latest training materials in real time whether on or off shore, through both cloud and on-premise deployments. On or offshore, they can work at their own pace and pick up where they left off, without ever losing progress. 

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