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Reality by PureWeb

interactively streams 3D car configurators on-line, changing how consumers buy cars

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Reality by PureWeb is using it’s interactive smart streaming technology to deploy 3D car configurators online, disrupting the automotive industry and traditional consumer experience.


Consumers can virtually design their next vehicle online on their own time, from any web or mobile device, on the go or from the comfort of their homes. They can digitally explore car models by navigating in and around the vehicle, opening and closing doors, changing interior colors, exterior colors, and wheels, and customizing or adding different accessories. Ultimately, this enables manufacturers to provide consumers with a more engaging buying experience and increase the value of individual sales due to the consumer’s ability to truly visualize and customize the end product.


Reality is a fully managed, secure and scalable service that provides on-demand access to 3D photorealistic car renderings built using Unity or Unreal Engine. Powerful GPUs on the server side render 3D photorealistic experiences in real time, with rendered images streamed to web browsers on end devices such as smartphones and tablets. No downloads are required, keeping source 3D assets secure on the server. The online 3D configurator can be embedded directly into an auto manufacturer’s website complete with surrounding context providing the consumer the ultimate buying experience.


At PureWeb we work with creative agencies that design visually stunning car configurators for various manufacturers. These agencies include 2Realistic, Mackevision, PIXI Studio, RealtimeUK, and Staud Studios.

“Leveraging the scalable and global streaming capabilities of Reality by PureWeb allows us to focus on what we do best (creating stunning visual content) while meeting the demand from manufacturers to deliver these interactive experiences on-line to their consumers.”

- Patrick Staud, CCO at Staud Studios

Together, the result is a comprehensive, personalized and innovative on-line shopping experience; revolutionizing motor vehicle sales across the globe.

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