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Juraj Hudak CEO at 2Realistic

How to improve collaboration for real time development of Unreal Engine projects

2Realistic, a creative agency based in Prague, is using Unreal Engine (UE4) to build creative and fully rendered projects. They specialize in automotive and architectural visualization and collaborate with architects and developers around the world. UE4 is crossing the chasm from gaming to enterprise, augmenting real time workflow across teams and industries by reducing iteration time, and increasing efficiency when transferring 3D photorealistic experiences and CAD data into real world immersive experiences.

Recently, they have partnered with PureWeb to deploy their commercial and residential real estate projects online with Reality, a fully managed scalable interactive cloud streaming service. This extends the reach of their project to commercial users anytime, anywhere, on any device without requiring specialized hardware and without needing to download anything. PureWeb, an innovative Canadian company, uses its’ patented smart streaming technology to publish, collaborate and interact with massive graphics rich data files.

Focusing on enterprise workflows, PureWeb has developed LaunchPad for Unreal Editor. This allows developers to easily and securely share a live and interactive view of their pixelstreaming enabled Unreal project with one click into a browser, with no downloads. Built in audio, video enables collaborators and creators to communicate and iterate within the project. Collaborators simply navigate to a permanent meeting Space using a personalized URL. Spaces is the medium in which LaunchPad operates.

Faced with some troubleshooting and review exercises while moving the project to the cloud, 2Realistic and PureWeb were able to collaborate live using these new products.

“We were able to walk through problems, troubleshoot the project in real time, with interactive capabilities between Prague and Calgary,  and provide immediate feedback and support.” - Cameron Kiddle, Product Manager, Reality at PureWeb 

When asked about his experience and perceived value, Juraj Hudak, CEO at 2Realistic notes, 

 “It is nice to collaborate with clients online and solve problems in real time. Until LaunchPad and Spaces we didn’t have the ability to collaborate with interactive content.  It is fast and easy to learn even for our non technical collaborators. We don’t have to upload or move data.We can use this for progress and design reviews seamlessly.”

LaunchPad for Unreal Editor and Spaces offers custom solutions across industries, including design reviews, troubleshooting and support.

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