Managed Services for Enterprise Patient Image Viewer Lowers Cost of Ownership and Increases Uptime and Reliability

Posted by PureWeb on Wed, Nov 22, 2017

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Managed services, currently the fastest growing  services offering in the tech industry, allows healthcare IT departments to operate more efficiently and effectively by gaining third-party expert assistance for specific IT functions. At Calgary Scientific, customers can now increase the reliability and uptime of ResolutionMD®’s enterprise viewing platform, and lower its total cost of ownership, through our managed services’ cloud-based data analytics tools and team-based support.

Proactive Support Through Cloud-Based Tools and Expert Knowledge  

Through our managed services team, customers benefit from the value of our years of enterprise image-viewing knowledge and expertise without having to invest time and effort to build it internally. Access to our internal team’s solutions decreases total cost of ownership and increases ROI for our healthcare enterprise customers. Combined with our comprehensive analytics suite, which reports on critical system data, including infrastructure utilization, historical and real-time usage data, "heartbeat" monitoring  and more, our managed services provide proactive support that increases enterprise image-viewing reliability and uptime.

Our analytics tools bypass all patient information to ensure high-level security, analyze the data and then generate real-time event notifications and pre-emptive warnings of imminent or 
potential system outages
 - among other services. These notifications and warnings proactively spot problem areas for all enterprise imaging stakeholders, whether PACS administrators or IT managers, before they become larger issues. Calgary Scientific’s team of experts will automatically work on offering solutions.

In addition to helping to spot and troubleshoot performance issues, our internal team also provides data analysis and offers recommendations for improving ResolutionMD operations before something breaks. For example, if the number of concurrent users exceeds server capacity, CFOs can use managed services data to justify spending on new services or other infrastructure.

Cloud-Based Analytics to Manage Viewer Deployment and Increase Reliability

Through managed services, enterprise imaging stakeholders gain visibility into specific image viewing problems and also have access to expert analysis of problems and best practice solutions. Consider this scenario: A PACS administrator gets a call from a clinician saying, “I keep getting an error message when I’m trying to view my patient’s images.” Typically, PACS administrators don’t have visibility across an enterprise because there are so many components, making it difficult -- or even impossible -- for a PACS administrator to recreate the problem and determine how to solve it.

With managed solutions, a PACS administrator either can access our managed services analytics tools to view data archives on their own, or contact us for assistance. Our analytics tools will uncover exactly which image the clinician was trying to access, how many concurrent users there were at the time, and other data that might have impacted access and performance. After finding the problem, our internal team can offer solutions that ensure clinicians have reliable and consistent enterprise-wide access to patient image data, which ultimately enables them to deliver higher quality patient care.

Highly Configurable to Meet Customer Needs

Our managed services tools include configurable dashboards that can be modified to specific production environments. Customers can tell us what they need and we’ll do the work to provide tools that meet those needs.


Daniel Bankert leads the the Partner Sales and Services departments at Calgary Scientific, including partner sales account managers, support, managed services, education and professional services. Daniel has worked with software technology companies for more than 30 years, and has been an active advisor for the Technology Services Industry Association.


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