Will Changes to Centricity Radiology Mobile Access (CRMA) Affect Me?

Posted by PureWeb on Mon, Feb 26, 2018

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GE recently discontinued iOS support for Centricity Radiology Mobile Access (CRMA) and the AccessNOW app, the company’s mobile clinical image-viewing solution for both iOS and Android. The app enabled clinicians to view patient images such as MRI, CT scans and ultrasound from iOS and Android phones, or mobile devices. It also supported access to medical data via a supported browser on a home computer.

Read our FAQ to learn how to maintain mobile access to patient image data in light of recent changes to support.

What has changed with the Centricity Radiology Mobile Access App and AccessNOW?

GE support for the iOS software has stopped, rendering some iPhones and iPads incompatible. CRMA 4.0 only supports up to iOS 9.0. Any further iOS updates will no longer be supported.

I am an existing user of the GE CRMA app. Is there another app that has similar features mobile image-viewing features?

Yes, there is another tool that lets you have mobile access to diagnostic-quality images: ResolutionMD®. ResolutionMD gives clinicians the same anywhere, anytime access to diagnostic-quality patient images they need, from the convenience of their iOS or Android devices, or browser. 

What is the relationship between GE's CRMA, Calgary Scientific and ResolutionMD?

CRMA was GE’s white labeled version of ResolutionMD, but was based on ResolutionMD 4.0 which was released in 2015 and is no longer supported. Mobile users who wish to transition from CRMA to ResolutionMD will need to install ResolutionMD from the iOS App Store or Google Play. The ResolutionMD platform is a product of Calgary Scientific.

Will access to patient images with the GE mobile imaging app via AccessNOW, be the same as access via the ResolutionMD app?

There are some differences. Specifically the interface colour scheme and radiology exam groupings, which were made to match the appearance of Centricity PACS, are not implemented in ResolutionMD.

The latest version of ResolutionMD provides the main features of AccessNOW, plus additional features meant to optimize your workflow. This includes support for audio/video collaboration, multi-monitor viewing to optimize your viewing workspace, support for additional modalities and non-DICOM objects. ResolutionMD 6.0 also includes a Cobb Angle measurement tool, an ambient light test, and study share integrations.

Which iOS versions are supported by ResolutionMD?

ResolutionMD supports up to  iOS 11 and is continuously upgraded to ensure support for the latest version of iOS. An up-to-date listing of validated phones, mobile devices and operating systems is available here. 

What if I continue to use other GE products, such as Centricity, Centricity Universal Viewer, Zero Footprint Viewer, ZFP, Centricity PACS and Enterprise Archive? Will ResolutionMD integrate well with these GE products, similar to how CRMA did?

The ResolutionMD platform is a vendor-neutral enterprise image viewer and is compatible with any existing infrastructure and PACS system. It works with any of GE’s imaging products, similar to how the Centricity Radiology Mobile Access App did.

The ResolutionMD app not only offers the same mobile access features of CRMA, but new and upgraded features as well to support anywhere, anytime access to diagnostic-quality images from your phone, tablet or browser. ResolutionMD is also platform-agnostic and can be integrated with any existing imaging infrastructure.

Learn more about ResolutionMD here, or visit us at HIMSS 2018.

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