Telehealth: The Road to Care Delivery that Significantly Lowers Costs

Posted by Randy Rountree on Wed, Sep 30, 2015

Telehealth gaining momentum

The past year has seen marked growth in telehealth offerings for consumers. Online services, retail clinics and payers have moved forward with investments and partnerships that are expanding the market of virtual visit offerings. Today consumers can access healthcare online through their smartphones, tablets or a kiosk at a retail clinic. And despite continued regulatory wrangling over Medicare telehealth reimbursement, private payers and many state Medicaid programs are moving forward with paying for telehealth visits. [1]  Paired with increased evidence of its ability to lower costs and improve care, these developments are forming a solid foundation for telehealth’s eventual widespread use.

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Reaching Across the Globe with Accreditations for Safe Diagnosis On-The-Go

Posted by Kyle Peterson on Wed, Sep 16, 2015

Ensuring the safety of clinical tools

Imagine you are an ER doctor treating a patient with a serious femur fracture, a potentially fractured neck or a serious heart condition. You’re reviewing a series of patient images on your iPad to determine just how bad the situation is and to make your treatment decisions. Then you discover the image viewing app you’re using doesn’t have the necessary FDA Class II clearance for diagnosis and treatment decisions. So you shut down your iPad, walk 10 minutes to find a PACS workstation, log in, search for your patient’s images and then make your treatment decision, right?

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