Interoperability Could Reduce U.S. Healthcare Costs by Thirty Billion

Posted by Byron Osing on Wed, May 22, 2013

Written by Byron Osing, Chair and CEO.

Complete interoperability would allow multiple medical systems and data bases to connect with one another, regardless of whether data is stored in the cloud, on a VNA or a PACS system. In the current state, if a physician wants to access pertinent information, they frequently need to do so in multiple systems, often supplied by competing manufacturers, which contain the patient records. This causes the physician to log in and out of each individual system, and still not get an entire view of the patient or history. The problem is amplified when the physician must search for images or records in a different facility that is geographically removed from their own. This requires the physician to have security credentials to access those systems in a different facility and the logging in and out required is an extremely time consuming and wasteful process.

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ResolutionMD™ 3.2, medical image viewer increases speed of diagnosis

Posted by PureWeb on Wed, May 1, 2013

Written by Greg Girard, Director of Product Management - HealthCare.

With the launch of ResolutionMD™ 3.2, Calgary Scientific Inc. has found a way to cut minutes to seconds when it comes to diagnostic image viewing. The software allows doctors to view relevant images on mobile devices, helping them compare current images with previous ones to see any changes that have developed over the patient's history. Instead of scrolling back and forth between images, medical practitioners can use the software to view a side-by-side comparison, enabling them to pinpoint differences and potential problems.

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