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PureWeb (formerly Calgary Scientific) enables our customers to unlock the value of their data, accelerating their ability to innovate in ways they never thought possible.

Our technology is installed in thousands of healthcare facilities worldwide, and is powered by the PureWeb® software development platform, which is now driving the company into new markets beyond healthcare, such as design and 3D interactive experiences.  




Founded on advanced imaging research and diagnostic technologies.

PureWeb Inc. (formerly Calgary Scientific Inc.) was founded in 2004 to commercialize technology based on advanced medical imaging research at the University of Calgary. They invented ResolutionMD®, which is now installed in thousands of leading healthcare facilities worldwide, including Intermountain Health, Mayo Clinic, among others.

ResolutionMD image viewing software features enable secure, platform agnostic access to patient images over the web and through Android and iOS mobile devices. This universal image access enables providers to break down barriers between siloed data stores to support collaboration and care coordination. Integration with electronic health record systems (EHRs) and support for real-time, image access across remote locations creates a unifying solution for disparate, non-interoperable healthcare systems.

ResolutionMD is powered by PureWeb®, our patented 2D/3D image rendering engine and software development platform. PureWeb enables secure, remote access to graphically intensive data, and now drives us into many industries, including healthcare, computer-aided design (CAD), energy, astronomy, 3D real-time interactive experiences and more.




Enabling customers to unlock the value of their data, accelerating their ability to innovate in ways they never thought possible.

PureWeb’s unique, state-based approach to image rendering provides an enabling platform for the rapidly evolving technologies of artificial intelligence, deep learning, and augmented reality. By providing machine learning systems and client-side applications with access to image data without requiring that it be copied or moved or altered, PureWeb opens new avenues for mining value in massive amounts of graphic data. This includes enabling further analysis and collaboration on the data once it’s been accessed.

This application of PureWeb to AI goes back to the company’s earliest roots. The original goal of the company was to develop computer-assisted diagnostic tools for patient image analysis and diagnosis. In 2006, this application was far ahead of healthcare’s readiness to put machine learning to use for patient care. Today, healthcare needs the diagnostic-quality, remote image access of ResolutionMD to drive collaboration with AI-based systems, which has the power to revolutionize patient care. 

Calgary Scientific continues to evolve its core technology when new technologies appear with an eye towards the future.

Unique innovation has been and will be the defining focus for us.



PureWeb has been innovating since 2004.






Thousands globally


40+ patents, 56 families

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